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Dental Root Canal at Ronald M Olszewski DDSLearn About Root Canals with Always a Smile Dental

Most people associate the words root canal with a scary, negative meaning. But that rumor was dispelled years ago. At Always a Smile Dental, we are here to help ease any anxiety you may be feeling by providing a comfortable environment to get the work you need. Root canals are a common procedure that has come a long way thanks to modern technology and techniques. The benefits of the process when dealing with your health far outweigh any apprehension you may have. Keep reading for helpful information about root canal procedures in Grand Rapids, MI.

What Are Root Canals?

When a tooth becomes infected, reflected in its nerves in the root, the tissue needs to be removed. This is where the name comes from. We perform root canals to remove the infected nerves before they infect other areas of the mouth or become abscesses. During the procedure, we numb the area and nerves with a local anesthetic, drill into the tooth to create a canal, remove the infected nerve tissue, and clean the area. We then fill the cleaned space with a sealant to protect your nerves and teeth. We’ll fit a crown over the affected tooth to improve its appearance and secure it from further issues.

Indications You Need To Visit a Dentist

There are many signs you should visit our Grand Rapids dental office for a root canal procedure. If your tooth’s nerve has been damaged, the bacteria starts forming, causing various symptoms. These include:

  • Severe tooth pain when chewing and drinking
  • Tooth color darkening
  • Swollen, sensitive, or pimpled gums near the tooth
  • Severe hot or cold sensitivity
  • Face swelling

How a Root Canal Helps

Despite the myths that still surround the treatment, a root canal is a common and relatively painless procedure. It will bring you relief from the pain that you may already be feeling due to a problem with the pulp in one or more of your teeth.

  • It Alleviates Pain and Discomfort. A dying or infected tooth can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort for anybody. This is often one of the primary factors that inspire people to seek out dental work. Root canal treatment will eliminate this pain by clearing out the infection.
  • It Keeps Your Natural Tooth. The field of dentistry offers a multitude of different types of prosthetics to replace your teeth. However, it is ideal to keep your natural teeth. In many cases, your dentist can allow you to keep a natural tooth that has suffered from an infection.
  • It Prevents the Infection from Spreading. In addition to treating your pain and potentially saving your tooth, root canal treatment will prevent an infection from spreading. This is crucial for your oral health, so it’s wise to have the procedure done sooner rather than later. Treatment can prevent the problem from spreading, which can keep your dental health in top shape.

Benefits of an Effective Root Canal

The main objective of a root canal procedure is to remove infected or decaying nerve tissue. If left untreated, this bacteria spreads to other areas of the mouth, making it more difficult to treat. In some severe situations, infected nerves become deep abscesses, or cysts, that can be as painful as they are damaging to your health. Abscesses require a more in-depth procedure to treat them that involves bone loss and jaw repair. An effective root canal eliminates the problem at the source, easing your pain and halting the infection process by removing the bacteria.

Why Choose Always a Smile Dental?

It’s always important to take care of your smile. This includes scheduling routine cleanings to avoid root canals. However, if we recommend the procedure, we want you to know you’re in good hands. Long gone are the days of archaic tools and processes associated with root canals. Always a Smile Dental uses proper treatment, modern technology, local anesthetic, and a caring touch to take care of you and your smile. We’re happy to dispel the taboo surrounding root canal procedures one patient at a time! If you’re feeling discomfort or pain in your teeth or gums, schedule your appointment today. Once we have a better look at your gums, we can make an accurate assessment and begin planning for your root canal treatment.

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