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General Dentistry Treatments in Grand Rapids, MI

Improve Your Smile With Always A Smile

Ronald M Olszewski DDS and his team of general dentistry team help adults and children in Grand Rapids, MI get the best smile possible. They help with regular cleanings, replace missing teeth, and so much more. Equipped with industry-leading tools, they can help you regain the confidence needed to flash a smile in public or for family photos. Never again will you need to be embarrassed about chipped or yellowing teeth. When you choose us as your dental treatment provider, you will receive unparalleled customer service in our state-of-the-art facility.

Dental Service in Grand Rapids, MIFor over 30 years, residents have trusted us to provide them with cosmetic, emergency, and general dentistry treatments. Get most of the dental services you need to be covered under one roof. If there are other services required, we can get you a referral to the necessary team. We work diligently to maintain great relationships with these specialists to give you a safe and respected facility to receive treatment. Give us a call at the first sign of dental trouble to prevent further issues from occurring. We will schedule your initial consultation and go over the dental services necessary to maintain a gorgeous smile.


Meet Our Excellent Dental Staff

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff have helped residents of all ages with their general dentistry needs. Led by Ronald M Olszewski DDS, they can help you get a straighter, brighter smile today. Our practice works together to realize a shared vision of uncompromising excellence in cosmetic, emergency, and general dentistry. Since 1990, we have provided these services and continue to uphold our solid reputation and build strong, lasting relationships with our patients. It is important to us you have a positive first experience so that you return for regular check-ups, especially for your little ones. We understand the stereotypes we have to work against and aim to create a calming atmosphere with gentle dental care.

  •  Get General Dentistry Treatments and More
    • Whether you need a simple dental cleaning or something more serious to restore your smile, Ronald M Olszewski DDS and the Always A Smile team are ready to help. We have access to the best and most cost-effective dental materials to ensure you can smile with confidence again. Not only do we handle general dentistry treatments, but we can provide other services dental offices in the area cannot perform. Check out our list of dental services below:


    • Why Choose Always A Smile
    • At Always A Smile in Grand Rapids, we want to ensure everyone has access to general dentistry services, which is why we work with most insurance companies. Having this type of access to general dentistry services ensures you always have a smile ready for the camera. You will not need to hide it behind your lips or cover your mouth when talking to friends and family. We also work with you to make sure you are as comfortable as possible while in our care. By listening to your needs and concerns, we can provide stellar services while building a relationship with you and your family. Our staff also works hard to stay ahead in the industry by maintaining our constantly evolving industry knowledge.


    • Visit Our Team in Grand Rapids, MI
    • Ronald M Olszewski DDS and his team at Always A Smile want to make sure you have a comfortable environment in which you can receive your necessary dental services. We recommend you come in twice a year for a check-up and cleaning. We hope to catch minor dental issues before you need more involved dentistry treatments and costlier services. You will also be able to retain more of your natural teeth if we can catch problems such as cavities.
    • Reviews From Grand Rapids Residents
    • We take great pride in the cosmetic, emergency, and general dentistry treatments we give our patients. Nothing makes us feel better than reading through their reviews about their experience at Always A Smile. The smiles that walk out of our door should be enough to get you into our chairs, but please feel free to read reviews from previous and current patients.
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  • Contact Us Today for a Stellar Smile
  • Have you felt pain in your teeth? So you have stains from coffee, wine, or cigarettes on your teeth? Come into Always A Smile and visit with Ronald M Olszewski DDS and his incredible staff of friendly and competent dental professionals. If there are dental services you need that we do not provide, no worries, we can get you a referral to ensure you achieve the smile of your dreams. Schedule your initial consultation today and receive a positive dental experience in Grand Rapids, MI.


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