Always A Smile Dental Offers Routine Dental Exams in Grand Rapids, MI

To help protect your pearly whites, visit Always A Smile Dental for routine dental exams in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Led by Dr. Ronald M. Olszewski, our team of professionals is committed to achieving excellence within the dentistry industry. To accomplish this mission, we work closely with all our patients to understand their needs, concerns, and desires. This rapport allows us to exceed every patient’s expectations and deliver unrivaled service to individuals in Grand Rapids and throughout the surrounding area. Routine oral examinations are essential elements of your oral healthcare. Not only do they involve careful examinations of teeth and gums, but they also include a thorough cleaning. To protect your smile, visit Always A Smile Dental for regular dental exams.

Overview of Dental Exams

A dental exam at Always A Smile Dental comprises two equally-important elements. Each appointment begins with an oral examination and concludes with thorough teeth cleaning. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will make sure that you are comfortable throughout both processes, which will entail:

Oral Examination

During the oral examination portion of your visit, Dr. Olszewski and his team will check your teeth for cavities. This may involve taking x-rays to get a clear look at any potential issues between your teeth. We will also check your teeth for plaque and tartar, which can build up on your teeth and lead to oral diseases. Following an inspection of your teeth, we will check the health of your gums as well as your tongue, throat, face, neck, and head. All these checks are designed to evaluate your oral health and identify any risks for tooth decay or gum disease before they become a problem.

Teeth Cleaning

After a complete oral examination, the Always A Smile Dental staff will proceed with your routine teeth cleaning. Though brushing and flossing are critical between visits to the dentist, these actions alone will not scrub and protect your teeth the way a professional cleaning can. Once plaque hardens and becomes tartar, simple brushing will not remove it from the surface of your teeth. We will use specialized scaling tools to remove this unwanted buildup. Our team will also remove surface stains, floss your teeth, and suggest oral healthcare measures you can employ between appointments.


Benefits of Regular Oral Examinations

Routine dental checkup in Grand Rapids, MIFollowing a dental exam in Grand Rapids, MI, the first thing you will notice is how clean your mouth feels. Regardless of how well or how often you brush and floss your teeth at home, your mouth will never feel as fresh as it will following a visit to Always A Smile Dental. Our teeth cleanings will remove all the food particles you may have missed in hard-to-reach places. Plus, the removal of plaque and tartar will help ensure your teeth feel as good as they look. But perhaps even more importantly, dental exams have far-reaching oral and overall health benefits. Professional teeth cleaning helps reduce or eliminate bacteria in your mouth that could lead to infections and will most assuredly lessen your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Importance of Routine Dental Checkups

Biannual dental exams should be a regular part of your healthcare routine. Not only will the team at Always A Smile Dental clean your teeth and restore your confidence, but we will also monitor the state of your oral health so that we may quickly identify any issues before they worsen. Regular dental exams help prevent gum disease, tooth loss, and more severe health issues. Gum disease is linked to cardiovascular disease, so keeping your gums and teeth healthy can reduce your risk of heart attacks and strokes. We will also evaluate the condition of any dental aids such as fillings or implants to make sure they are still safe and efficient.

Why You Should Choose Always A Smile Dental

People throughout Grand Rapids, MI, and the surrounding area trust Always A Smile Dental because of our comfortable, caring atmosphere. Our highly-trained staff is dedicated to serving patients of all ages, ensuring the best possible treatment, whether you are new to our practice or have been with us since day one. We have more than 25 years of experience and can handle all your dental needs, from routine dental exams to complex root canals and everything in between. When you are due for an oral examination in Grand Rapids, your first call should be to Always A Smile Dental. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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