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Even if you take excellent care of your teeth, brush regularly, and eat a healthy diet, your teeth can still become damaged over time. If you would like a brighter, whiter smile, you may want to consider dental veneers from our Grand Rapids dentist Ronald M. Olszewski, DDS at Always A Smile. Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are bonded to the front of your teeth. This is considered a cosmetic procedure for aesthetic purposes and does not affect the function of your teeth. While you can feel free to eat any food you’d like with your new veneers, it’s important to take caution with sticky and hard foods. If you’re ready to transform your smile with porcelain veneers, give us a call.

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Porcelain veneers in Grand Rapids, MIVeneers Are Used to Treat The Following:

  • Discolored teeth
  • Badly spaced teeth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Decayed teeth
  • Irregularly sized teeth

Dental veneers are not removable or reversible. However, they are stain-resistant and highly durable. They typically need to be replaced every 5-10 years or so, as recommended by your dentist. If you would like to schedule an appointment at our office, please call us at (616) 949-1700!

Everything You Need to Know About Veneers

It is important to know that they are not reversible or removable, but the good news is Ronald M. Olszewski and the Always A Smile veneers team in Grand Rapids will help ensure they last for years.

Under Doctor Olszewski’s guidance, the grand rapids veneers team will diagnose and create a treatment plan for you based on your needs. Usually, veneers can serve a functional purpose, especially if you jagged or chipped teeth that create a deal of pain for you. But most of the time, Grand Rapids residents just want to smile more confidently. Regardless, we ensure that your needs are properly vetted before beginning any work.

Once everything is prepped, we bond the veneer to your teeth. They are created from a custom mold, so they will be guaranteed to fit just right. The Grand Rapids veneer team ensures they match your teeth in shape and color, so they will blend seamlessly into your smile.

Usually, there is some adjustment period, but Dr. Olszewski will be by your side every step of the way. Call us today for a consultation!

Veneers Frequently Asked Questions

How are porcelain veneers installed?

We affix veneers directly onto your teeth to improve your smile’s look, shape, and improve your bite. They are thin and semi-transparent, making them undiscoverable by most people. We attach these small “shells” to help damaged or discolored teeth as well. They’re comfortable and feel like real teeth. We’ll take care of the entire process, including custom-designing and creating your veneers matching your needs and wants of your new smile. The entire process only takes two or three visits. During the initial consultation, we’ll talk about your goals and how you’d like your new smile to look. At your follow-up appointment, we’ll prepare your teeth for the full procedure and affix your teeth with temporary veneers, allowing you to start getting used to the feeling. During this time, our lab is custom fabricating your veneers. When you come in for your final visit, our staff will remove your temporary veneers and attach your porcelain veneers to your existing teeth.

How do I take care of my porcelain veneers?

Because porcelain veneers act and feel like real teeth, you need to care for them the same way. Make sure you brush and floss twice daily to maintain them. It’s also a good idea to avoid foods that can stain your veneers, such as red wine and coffee as well as tobacco products. Highly acidic foods like lemons, limes, and tomatoes can also impact your veneers. Make sure to brush your teeth and rinse them right away after eating these foods. Avoid chewing ice and if you chew harder foods like carrots, use your back teeth. When you do floss, take extra caution to avoid breaks and cracks. Even though porcelain veneers cannot decay like your real teeth, there are still parts of your teeth that can be exposed, requiring regular brushing. With proper care, your veneers will last you 10-15 years, or even longer!

Why choose Always a Smile?

At Always a Smile, we’re here to help you restore your confidence. If you’re embarrassed about the shape or color of your teeth and overall smile, porcelain veneers are the perfect way to give you a boost in your appearance and even happiness. Our caring staff is with you throughout every step of your smile repair journey. We’ll chat with you about your best options and how to make the most out of your smile. We’ve been happily helping patients throughout Grand Rapids, MI for years. In just a few weeks, you can be proud of your smile!

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Porcelain veneers require a bit of maintenance to stay beautiful, but all smiles do! If you’re ready to transform your smile into one you’re proud of, schedule an appointment with our team. We’re committed to exceeding your expectations with friendly, knowledgeable staff and more than 25 years of experience. We work with a wide variety of insurance companies and have state-of-the-art technology in-house to provide the very best for our patients.

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