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Dentures treatment in Grand Rapids, MIIf you are at risk for losing your teeth or have lost them and need a lasting solution, consider working with Ronald M Olszewski DDS and receive dentures. Residents in Grand Rapids, MI have trusted the Always A Smile team to replace and retain their smiles. With dentures, you can talk and eat again like normal, but you can also remove them at night to keep them clean. Our capable staff can help you with upper or lower and partial or complete denture options. No matter where you are missing teeth, we can replace them to give you a fuller, brighter, straighter smile again. They are often made of acrylic resin, but we will sometimes combine metals to get the job done.

Our well-trained team of dental professionals will ensure you get a proper fit to enhance your smile. We work diligently to align your new smile to give you more confidence properly. Smile for pictures again without stress or embarrassment. We work with most insurances to prevent money from being a deterrent when looking to regain a natural-looking smile. Give our professional team a call today when you are ready to have dentures created for your personal best smile.

Why It’s Important to Get Dentures

When you have missing teeth or teeth need to be removed, your oral health must have them replaced as soon as possible. Leaving these spaces unattended can lead to issues with spaces and movement in other teeth. It can also affect bone growth in your jaw, which could hinder the dental services needed in the future. They can also protect the health of your gums and prevent further diseases from developing. While all of these are benefits involving the health of your mouth, teeth, and gums, another issue you have to worry about is self-confidence. Your mental health can also be affected if you are suffering from missing or fractured teeth. Trying to hide them every time you chat with friends or family and not being able to smile in photos can have a significant impact on your self-confidence. Allow Ronald M Olszewski DDS to help restore your self-assurance and oral health with a stellar set of partial or complete dentures.

Types of Dentures From Always A Smile

Always A Smile has served Grand Rapids patients with multiple times of dentures over the years. Whether you need a complete set of teeth on the top or bottom or some help replacing numerous missing, we can help. By creating and installing various types of dentures, we can help you find the perfect solution to restore your smile. Check out what Always A Smile has to offer below, and be sure to ask any other questions about them when visiting our state-of-the-art dental facility:

Complete: Ronald M Olszewski DDS and his team can create dentures for all the teeth in your mouth. Whether you need them for the top, bottom, or both. If you are missing multiple, we can extract the rest in order to install your new dentures for a full, natural-looking smile.

Partial: If you have strong, natural teeth remaining in your smile, we can help fill it out with partial dentures. These dentures help fill the gaps so you can smile, eat, and talk again without issue and with total confidence. You can still remove this option to keep them clean.

Immediate: By taking precise measurements before removing your teeth, Ronald M Olszewski DDS will be able to help with this denture option. He can create them to look almost exactly like your natural smile, and getting them will help maintain your smile and bite.

Overdenture: Another option for when you have strong, durable natural teeth in your mouth. The overdenture gets paced over these teeth to help with stability. We can even place them over implants you have had installed.

Ronald M. Olszewski’s Denture Procedure

When seeking help replacing the missing teeth in your mouth, Ronald M Olszewski DDS can help by suggesting one of the above denture options. To begin this process, we will start with an initial consultation to discover your needs. If there are teeth he decides we need to remove, we will schedule them in our office. Beforehand, we will take measurements of your teeth to ensure your new smile looks as natural as possible by taking these measurements into consideration. We can provide immediate dentures after this step to give you support while we build your official dentures. Once they are ready, we will get them placed appropriately so you can regain your confidence and have no problem chatting, eating, laughing, and more with your new natural-looking smile with dentures from Always A Smile. We will also give a full rundown of how to take care of your new smile.

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We help with all manners of dental services to ensure you have the best smile possible. Our team is effective at identifying issues with teeth, gumline, and more. For years, we have studied all the best methods to provide the best dental care possible. We also equip ourselves with industry-leading tools and materials to give you a stellar smile. Give us a call today and speak with Ronald M Olszewski DDS and his team at Always A Smile for any and all questions you may have regarding your oral care and health.

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