Why Is the Dental Pulp Removed During a Root Canal?

If your dentist in Grand Rapids has recently recommended that you receive a root canal, you may have several questions about what to expect from the procedure. While root canals are among the most notorious procedures that are performed by the emergency dentist, you can rest assured that your root canal will be painless and worry-free. During your root canal, your dentist will work diligently to remove any dental pulp that has become inflamed or infected.

There are several reasons why dentists removal dental pulp during root canals. When your tooth’s pump becomes damaged, it will start to deteriorate and decay. With time, this process can cause serious infections and other complications. In order to restore your tooth to a healthy condition, your dentist will need to drill out and remove all of the remaining pulp in your tooth. After the affected pulp has been removed, your smile will be restored to a comfortable and healthy state.

Pulpits Root Canal Therapy in Grand Rapids, MI


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