• How Does Tooth Whitening Work?

    If stains on your teeth are getting in the way of your smile, talk to your dentist about teeth whitening procedures. Teeth whitening can remove those stains that build up over time and restore the white teeth you’ll want to show off. Your dentist in Grand Rapids can walk you through your teeth whitening options […]

  • A Better Smile with Dentures [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Are you missing some or all of your permanent teeth? Missing teeth can make you feel less confident about your smile and the way you look, as your face can change shape with the absence of teeth. Your dentist in Grand Rapids can help you get your confidence back by fitting you with partial or complete dentures. […]

  • How Long Will My Dentures Last?

    If you’re considering dentures in Grand Rapids, one thing that is certain to be on your mind is how long your set will last. Fortunately, dentures can last for many years. How often you will need a new set depends on several different factors, including how well you care for them and changes to the structure […]

  • Your Step-by-Step Guide to the Root Canal Process

    If tooth decay damages a large portion of one of your teeth, your dentist may recommend a root canal. A root canal cleans out bacteria that are trapped in your roots and prevents the tooth from needing to be removed. Although root canals have a reputation for being painful, most patients are pleasantly surprised that they […]

  • Our Vision of Dental Excellence

    At Always A Smile, we offer comprehensive general dentistry, restorative dentistry, and emergency dental procedures for adult patients in Grand Rapids. Under the care of Dr. Ronald M. Olszewski, DDS, we provide comfortable, compassionate care in a calm and relaxing environment. Whether our patients are interested in professional dental cleanings and exams, or teeth whitening […]