How to Take Care of Your Dentures

If you have suffered tooth loss, then full or partial dentures can restore the look of your smile and your self-confidence in the same way as dental implants without an invasive procedure. These custom-made appliances let you speak, chew, and smile again and only require a minimum amount of special care. After you get dentures in Grand Rapids, follow these tips to keep them in the best shape possible.

Take Care When Handling

Dentures care in Grand Rapids, MI One of the biggest problems people have with dentures is damaging them when while handling them. To reduce the risk of having a mishap with your set, always stand over a sink filled with water or a folded towel on a countertop when handling them. This allows your dentures to be cushioned if you drop them so they don’t shatter.

Follow Proper Cleaning Guidelines

Your dentures will need to be brushed daily with a soft toothbrush and water. Toothpaste is too abrasive for dentures and can cause scratches on the surfaces that invite plaque to build up. After meals, be sure to rinse your dentures thoroughly. When it comes time to clean your dentures, choose hand soap or mild dish soap over other types of household cleaners, which can damage your dentures. Avoid using bleach, which can make the pink, gum-like portion of your dentures turn white. You can also talk to your dentist about using an ultrasonic cleaner. Be sure to choose a cleaning device that is approved by your dentist, and keep in mind that cleaning your dentures is not a substitute for brushing.

Store Them Properly

When you decide to remove your dentures, it’s important to keep them moist to prevent them from drying out and losing their shape. Talk to your dentist about what is right for your dentures. Some dentures can be kept in a cleaning solution or glass of water, but other dentures may rust or warp when kept in liquid. Follow your dentist’s recommendations for storing your dentures safely.