5 Steps to a Straighter Smile with Invisalign®

Did you know that you’re only five steps away from achieving a healthier, more attractive smile? If you’ve been smiling with your lips closed or covering your mouth when you laugh, it’s time to reach out to our Invisalign® dentist in Grand Rapids, MI. You deserve the opportunity to stop hiding and start feeling confident about your smile.

Invisalign Dentist Grand Rapids MI

Ready to discover how Invisalign aligners could change your life?

Let’s get started.

1. Book an Invisalign Consultation

Your first step on your smile journey is to book a consultation with our Invisalign dentist. During your appointment, Dr. Olszewski will be able to evaluate your teeth, jaws, and any X-rays we take to determine if you’re a candidate for clear aligners.

Have questions? Bring them on! Your consultation is the perfect opportunity to consult with our experienced Invisalign provider. Dr. Olszewski would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about Invisalign treatment.

As your local family practice, our goal is to ensure every patient feels informed and empowered to face the road ahead.

2. Plan Your Invisalign Treatment

One of the key benefits of choosing Invisalign treatment is that you’re able to see into the future—no crystal ball needed! During your initial consultation, we’ll use the iTero Element® scanner to take a 3D digital scan of your smile.

From there, Dr. Olszewski will be able to use your 3D scans to map out your patient care plan. This includes a preview of what your future smile will look like once you complete Invisalign treatment. How’s that for motivation?

3. Wear Your Aligners with Pride

For the best results, wear your aligners 20 to 22 hours per day. This means that you should only remove your orthodontic aligners to brush, floss, eat, and drink anything other than water.

Your clear aligners will only work as long as you wear them. However, it’s okay to be human. Don’t beat yourself up if you forget to wear your aligners for a few hours or find yourself losing motivation. The most powerful thing you can do for yourself during these moments is to remember your “why.”

Remember why you called us in the first place or think back to how beautiful your future smile looked during your consultation. Remember why you chose Invisalign treatment and remind yourself that you’re worth the effort.

You deserve a smile you can feel proud of. Keep going and stay the path. You’ve got this!

4. Schedule Routine Check-Ups

We want to see how you’re doing and will schedule check-ups with you to track your progress. What sets Invisalign aligners apart from the competition is that you’re able to receive premium orthodontic care under the supervision of a qualified doctor. This ensures that you’re moving teeth in a safe, effective, and highly controlled manner. No surprises here!

In general, you can expect to see us every 4 to 6 weeks during Invisalign treatment. If you’ve been a rockstar about wearing your aligners, we’ll reward you with the next set. Remember, each set of new aligners brings you that much closer to your dream smile!

5. Wear Your Retainer as Directed

Once you’re done with Invisalign treatment, you may be reluctant to wear a retainer. Believe us, we totally get it! However, wearing your retainer is the best way to maintain and protect your hard-earned smile. The alternative is having your teeth start to shift back into their original positions, and no one wants that.

Our Invisalign dentist will give you instructions for how often you’ll need to wear your retainer. In general, most patients reach a point where they only have to wear their retainers at night.

Ready to Start the Invisalign Journey?

Our Invisalign dentist in Grand Rapids, MI, is accepting new patients. To schedule an appointment and learn if you’re a candidate for clear aligner treatment, please call Always a Smile Dental at (616) 949-1700. You may also fill out our online contact form and someone from our team will reach out to you soon.