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  • Our Vision of Dental Excellence

    At Always A Smile , we offer comprehensive general dentistry, restorative dentistry, and emergency dental procedures for adult patients in Grand Rapids. Under the care of Dr. Ronald M. Olszewski, DDS, we provide comfortable, compassionate care in a calm and relaxing environment. Whether our patients are interested in professional dental cleanings and exams, or teeth […]

  • Preventing Dental Emergencies

    If you have persistent tooth pain, a fever, have lost a tooth, or have experienced trauma to your mouth or jaw, you should visit an emergency dentist in Grand Rapids as soon as possible. A dental emergency can quickly result in the loss of a tooth or teeth, and can cause further serious health problems […]

  • A Look at the Denture Process

    If you are missing some or all of your teeth, you should consider visiting a dentist near you to talk about getting dentures in Grand Rapids. Full dentures can help you regain your healthy smile and confidence, and can make eating and speaking much easier. Here is a look at the denture process that may be […]

  • Answering Common Questions About Root Canals

    If you have a serious dental infection or extensive tooth decay, your dentist, Dr. Olszewski, may recommend that you undergo a root canal near Grand Rapids. Root canal therapy eliminates infection from your tooth, and can often save a tooth and eliminate the need for a dental extraction. Here are the answers to some of […]

  • Preparing for Your Root Canal

    Root canals are among the most frequently performed dental procedures, but patients often wonder how they can prepare for this treatment. Before your appointment with your dentist in Grand Rapids, there are a few steps that you can take to improve your root canal experience. Talk to your dentist. One of the most common reasons that individuals […]

  • Are You a Good Candidate for Dental Veneers?

    Dental veneers are a popular cosmetic treatment for patients who want to drastically improve the appearance of their smile. If you’re thinking about getting dental veneers in Grand Rapids , then there are a few signs that could mean you would be a good candidate for this cosmetic dentistry procedure. Your dentist will consider the […]

  • Take a Closer Look at the ClearCorrect Process

    Are you interested in improving the look of your smile with clear braces for adults near Grand Rapids? If so, then your dentist may suggest ClearCorrect invisible braces. Here’s what you can expect from the ClearCorrect treatment process: Locate a provider. Patients who are interested in ClearCorrect should first locate a provider in their area. If […]

  • A Quick Look at Tooth Extraction

    While there are many methods that your dentist in Grand Rapids can use to save a tooth, there are some cases in which you may need a dental extraction. Extractions are common surgical procedures that dentists perform when a patient’s tooth is badly decayed or damaged and cannot be saved through restorative treatments. Watch this […]

  • Proper Care for Your Dentures

    Like many dental devices, dentures require some upkeep to remain in good condition. If your dentist in Grand Rapids has recently provided you with full dentures, then you may be wondering how to properly maintain your replacement teeth. Watch this video for helpful tips on caring for dentures. To prevent calculus buildup on your dentures, it’s […]

  • How to Prepare for a Tooth Extraction

    While keeping your adult teeth is an important part of long-term oral health, there are some situations when your dentist may need to remove one of your teeth. If your dentist in Grand Rapids has informed you that you require a tooth extraction, there are several steps that you can take to prepare yourself for […]