Exploring Your Options for Replacing Lost or Extracted Teeth

Losing a tooth can be an upsetting experience for any adult. Fortunately, your dentist will have several options for you to choose from when you lose or extract a tooth from your smile. With assistance from your dentist in Grand Rapids, you will be able to fill the gap in your smile with a beautiful and durable replacement. From dental implants to bridges and more, your restorative dentistry professional can provide you with a range of replacement options. Here is a tour of three of your options for replacing a missing tooth. Replacing / Extracted Teeth in Grand Rapids, MI

Dental Implants

Dental implants are among the most popular options for missing tooth replacement. With a dental implant, your dentist will be able to fill in your missing tooth with a replacement tooth that looks nearly identical to the original. One of the top benefits of a dental implant is that this is a permanent solution for your missing teeth. After your dental implant has been placed, it will remain for a lifetime with proper care.

Fixed Bridges

If you are missing more than one tooth, you may be an ideal candidate for a fixed bridge. Fixed bridges are attached to the teeth that are located on either side of a gap. Using advanced technology, your dentist can take an impression of your smile and create a bridge that offers a perfect fit. Your remaining teeth will be affixed with crowns, which are used to support the replacement teeth.

Partial Dentures

When you are seeking a more versatile tooth replacement solution, you may want to inquire about the possibility of receiving partial dentures. Unlike dental implants and crowns, which are placed permanently in the mouth, partial dentures can be removed and replaced at any time. Partial dentures are a great option for patients who are seeking a surgery-free replacement for their missing teeth. Your dentist can help you decide whether dentures, crowns, or implants will be best for your needs.