Preventing Dental Emergencies

If you have persistent tooth pain, a fever, have lost a tooth, or have experienced trauma to your mouth or jaw, you should visit an emergency dentist in Grand Rapids as soon as possible. A dental emergency can quickly result in the loss of a tooth or teeth, and can cause further serious health problems if a dentist near you does not immediately treat it. An emergency dentist can perform a root canal procedure, dental extraction, or other restorative dentistry procedures to protect your health.

With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Olszewski can comfortably handle almost all your emergencies quickly and painlessly.

Watch this video to learn more about dental emergencies and how to prevent them. The best way to avoid having to visit an emergency dentist near you is to understand the most common causes of dental emergencies. If you take care to protect the health of your teeth and mouth, you may never need emergency or restorative dental care.