Take a Closer Look at the ClearCorrect Process

Are you interested in improving the look of your smile with clear braces for adults near Grand Rapids? If so, then your dentist may suggest ClearCorrect invisible braces. Here’s what you can expect from the ClearCorrect treatment process: Clearcorrect Visible Braces in Grand Rapids, MI

Locate a provider.

Patients who are interested in ClearCorrect should first locate a provider in their area. If your current dentist offers this orthodontic treatment, then you’re in luck. If your dentist does not offer this service, then visit the ClearCorrect website to locate an orthodontist or dentist near you who will be able to manage your ClearCorrect treatment.

Schedule an appointment.

After locating a ClearCorrect provider, contact the office and schedule an appointment for your dental evaluation. During your visit, your orthodontist or dentist will take x-rays and photos of your teeth. Next, he will take impressions of your teeth or use a scanner to capture their shape. Finally, he will send your prescription for aligners to ClearCorrect.

Wear your aligners.

After your prescription is sent to ClearCorrect, the design process will begin. ClearCorrect will create a series of clear trays that are customized for your teeth. The aligners will be shaped in a way that applies pressure to each of your teeth. This will gently move them in the direction they need to go in to provide you with a straighter, healthier smile. Once your aligners are ready, you can start wearing them to begin the straightening process. To experience optimal results, your aligners should be worn for at least 22 hours per day.

Visit your dentist.

As you progress through your treatment, you will need to schedule regular visits with your ClearCorrect provider so he can examine your teeth and check your progress. Your dentist or orthodontist will also provide you will new aligners throughout your treatment to continue to move your teeth into place. Depending on the complexity of your case, your ClearCorrect treatment can take anywhere from a few months to a few years to complete.

If you are looking for quality dental service, schedule your initial consultation today and receive a positive dental experience in Grand Rapids, MI.