How to Prepare for a Tooth Extraction

While keeping your adult teeth is an important part of long-term oral health, there are some situations when your dentist may need to remove one of your teeth. If your dentist in Grand Rapids has informed you that you require a tooth extraction, there are several steps that you can take to prepare yourself for the procedure.

Learn more about the treatment.

Tooth extraction tool in Grand Rapids, MI Gaining a good understanding of the tooth extraction procedure can help make your treatment a less stressful process. Ask your dentist any questions that may come up and learn if there are any potential complications involved with the process. Also, be sure that you are aware of any instructions needed to prepare for treatment. Your dentist may advise that you avoid eating for some hours before your tooth extraction but usually it is good to have a light meal. Do not change medications unless told.

Understand your aftercare instructions.

Closely following your dentist’s post-procedure instructions can be essential for preventing infections or other complications after your dental extraction. Before your procedure, talk to your dentist about what medications you will need to take and when, what foods to avoid and for how long, and if you will need a ride home from the dental office. Additionally, find out about anything that you should do or avoid doing to help speed your recovery.

Prepare for your recovery.

Before going in for your treatment, ready your home with anything that you may need to streamline the healing process after your procedure. Fill any prescriptions that your dentist may have prescribed, and stock your fridge with any recommended foods. Also, consider having supplies for ice packs and salt water rinses on hand.

Ready your transportation arrangements.

If your dentist tells you that you will require a ride home from your appointment because you will be sedated, finalize all of your transportation services before the day of your treatment. Having these arrangements settled early can prevent you from feeling unnecessarily stressed on the day of your procedure.