Tips for Adjusting to Your New Dentures

You’ve made the decision to get dentures and restore your smile to its natural beauty, but now what do you do? Dentures have somewhat of a learning curve, but with time and patience, you’ll become more comfortable with your new smile. If you’ve received dentures near Grand Rapids, consult your dentist for any questions and concerns you might have.

Chew Softly

Tips for New Dentures in Grand Rapids, MI Dentures can feel strange and clunky in your mouth when you first get them, and it may seem difficult to chew, but if you keep at it you can succeed. When you first begin to eat with your new dentures, chew soft foods that won’t require a lot of pressure on your gums. At the same time, chew on both sides of your mouth to maintain equal pressure throughout the dentures. As you progress and become more confident chewing, introduce more foods. Try not to bite into food with your front teeth. You might dislodge your dentures.

Get Used to the “Floating” Denture

The bottom denture doesn’t have the suction that the upper denture does; it “floats” on your lower gums. This can become frustrating because it’s more likely to move around your mouth. Until you’ve mastered them, rest your tongue on the front inside of your lower dentures. You might also consider dental adhesives for both your lower and upper dentures. Adhesives can be a temporary tool, or you may continually use them if you feel more comfortable.

Keep at It

If you aren’t automatically comfortable with your dentures, that’s okay. Dentures require time, patience, and continual follow-through to truly master. If you’re able to, try wearing your dentures all the time, night and day. You might have sore places on your gums until you adjust to your dentures. Rinse your mouth with warm salt water as needed, and ask your dentist about possible numbing creams until your mouth adjusts to the dentures. Always remember to keep a good dental care routine, recommended by your dentist, to maintain your dentures and protect your gums.

If you are looking for quality dental service, schedule your initial consultation today and receive a positive dental experience in Grand Rapids, MI.