Signs That Your Child May Need Braces

If your family has a history of dental problems, you should take your child to a general dentist and orthodontist in Grand Rapids to assess his need for braces. The sooner your child begins orthodontic treatment, the more likely the treatment is to be effective. You should also learn to recognize the warning signs that your child may need braces, so that you can seek early orthodontic care.

Your child can benefit from braces if he has crowded, misaligned, crooked, or widely spaced teeth. He may also exhibit a difficulty in chewing or biting, or he may frequently bite his cheeks or the roof of his mouth. Another sign that orthodontic treatment is necessary is when your child’s teeth meet abnormally, or not at all. His jaws and teeth might look out of proportion to the rest of his face.

An early warning sign that your child may need braces in the future is if he has early, late, or irregular loss of his baby teeth. His jaw may also shift strangely or make sounds when it moves. A dentist can evaluate your child’s teeth, bite, and jaw to determine if he can benefit from braces.

Child Braces in Grand Rapids, MI